WP5: Integration and Validation


  • Data centre performance baseline capture
  • Platform integration
  • Technology validation

Year 1 Achievements

  • WP5 targeted the specification of the development and integration methodology and identified the adequate tools to archive the integration of GENiC components.
  • Guidelines were developed to provide insight on how to maintain the correct procedures to archive and simplify the integration of the software components developed in WP2, WP3 and WP4.
  • In collaboration with WP1 a baseline for energy consumption within the demonstration sites was established and use cases defined.

Year 2 Achievements

  • The initial GENiC integrated platform is complete – based on the components developed in WP2 to WP4, the GENiC architecture, interfaces and common data format specified in WP1 & WP4 and the integration process defined in WP4.

Year 3 Achievements

  • Platform integration completed
    - All GENiC Component (GC) and GENiC Component Groups (GCG) (Workload, Thermal, Power) were fully integrated and tested
    - Simulators GC are fully integrated
    - The interactions of the components with the communication middleware were tested
  • Validation of technology completed
    - The software components and systems were validated for the main GENiC demonstrator site in Cork Institute of Technology
    - The individual parts of Simulators GENiC components were validated based on measurements gathered at Spain and Ireland DEMO sites
    - The debugging and testing of several simulations setups demonstrate the Simulators capability to handle multi-scale and multi-domain systems.
    - Customised set of tools were implemented for testing, debugging and verification.