WP6: Demonstration


  • Heat recovery demonstration
  • Implementation strategies in test bed facilities
  • Energy optimization and control strategies demonstration

Year 2 Achievements

  • Heat recovery feasibility study
  • Demo site evaluation in order to plan for GENiC demo activities in year 3 of project.

Year 3 Achievements

  • Heat recovery demonstration and implementation strategies in test bed facilities were completed for three scenarios
    - normal operation (to characterise the equipment and tailor their behaviour to the data centre demand profiles)
    - green operation (scale factors are applied to the real renewable facilities, trying to cover the total amount of energy requested by demonstration data centre),
    - smart operation (the Supervisory Intelligence instructions are applied to the renewable energy producers).
  • Energy optimisation and control strategies demonstration showed the effectiveness of
    - the GENiC platform for optimal coordination of data centre cooling units
    - the integrated energy optimisation platform when linked with dynamic server workload balancing distribution
    - the installation and operation of the wireless sensor network in the CIT Data centre
    - the monitoring and visualisation of the platform functionality