WP8: Management

This work package is concerned with the management, coordination and quality assurance activities of the project and will be running for the lifetime of the project. Its main objective is to ensure a successful completion of the project goals on time and within budget. This WP deals with general project management activities such as the organisation of meetings, reporting, facilitating communication and coordination processes as well as the financial management of the project and providing an interface to the EC by the project coordinator.

Year 1 Achievements 

  • GENiC Year 1 Review was held on 18th November 2014.

Year 2 Achievements

  • GENiC Year 2 Review was held in Brussels on 18th November 2015.

Year 3 Achievements

  • GENiC Interim Review was held in demonstration site in Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland on 1st and 2nd of June 2016.
  • GENiC Year 3 Review held in Brussels on 23rd November 2016.