WP4: Monitoring, Visualization and Decision Support


  • Framework for monitoring, visualization and decision support services
  • Sensor and sensor network specification and design
  • Fault detection and diagnostics algorithms
  • Data acquisition utilities for expedient information gathering & visualization

Year 1 Achievements

  • WP4 concentrated on the specification of framework and services needed to integrate the decision support algorithms and services in the subsequent tasks within this work package. This included the specification of interfaces needed to integrate the FDD algorithms and the decision support services within the energy management platform.
  • Wireless sensors network (WSN) requirements for the effective collection of data centre equipment and system information were identified and used in the definition and specification of the wireless sensors to be used for the optimal, non-intrusive measurement of the required system- and equipment-level information.

Year 2 Achievements

  • Senor deployment process specification
  • Decision support tools and services for renewable energy source integration and fault detection and diagnosis.
  • Common data format defined for information exchange in GENiC platform.
  • Specification of presentation layer framework including GENiC dashboard and placement strategy for data centre temperature monitoring.
  • Communication middleware design specification and GENiC component interaction including data model and repositories specification and external data acquisition description.

Year 3 Achievements

  • Integration framework process specification completed.
  • Detailed description of integration framework for monitoring, visualisation and decision support services including specification of
    - GENiC integration framework, tools and processes
    - the communication middleware
    - data model repositories
    - external data acquisition services
    - GENiC components interaction
    - virtual resources packaging