UCCUniversity College Cork (UCC) is one of four constituent universities of the federal National University of Ireland. UCC was chosen by The Sunday Times as the Irish University of the year for 2003, and again for 2005. UCC will be represented in this project by the Cork Constraint Computation Centre (4C). 4C is one of the most successful Science Foundation Ireland-funded labs in Ireland. The centre has worked in collaboration and technology transfer with dozens of Irish and international companies. In the period 2009-2010 three startup companies have been incorporated to commercialise research at 4C. The first of these, ThinkSmart Technologies, was acquired by Cisco Systems in 2012. The second, Keelvar Systems, recently closed a €750,000 equity investment round and won the 2012 Enterprise Ireland Big Ideas Award for ICT. In 2011, 4C technology commercialized by Clinical Support Information Systems Ltd, which won the Enterprise Ireland Big Ideas Award for Life Sciences in the same year. 4C is the anchor partner for EMC Research Europe, and is the main partner with IBM Research Ireland in their Risk Analytics Collaboratory. 4C has almost 60 members, including academic staff, research scientists, post-doctoral research staff, research students, and administrative staff. It has its own high-performance computing infrastructure. It has received approximately €35 million since 2001 in research awards, and has had a consistent annual income of approximately €2.5-3 million since that time. 4C is involved in many significant Irish and European research projects. For example, at a European level it is involved in the following FP7-funded projects: FlexWood (STREP Environment), ePolicy (STREP ICT), ICON (STREP FET-Open ICT), DISCUS (IP ICT), and MaxBE (STREP, Transport). 4C was founding partner of the Science Foundation Ireland Centre for Science Engineering and Technology called CTVR, which formed part of a €69 million euro investment from SFI to establish CTVR and Bell Labs Research Ireland.

Motivation: 4C at UCC conducts a strong research programme in ICT systems for energy management in a variety of domains, e.g. buildings, campuses, data centres, etc. The research programme is funded through a number of national and international research projects. Energy management in data centres is of particular interest; the centre has a €1 million euro grant from Science Foundation Ireland on this topic. It most recently competed in the ROADEF/EURO Challenge, sponsored by Google, in the area of workload management in data centres. 4C’s entry in this competition was overall runner-up, within a very small margin of the overall winners. 4C was also a finalist in a recent EDF-sponsored competition in energy management involving their entire national infrastructure. 4C was a finalist in that competition.

Related Competences: 4C is a world-leading artificial intelligence research centre, with a proven track record of publishing fundamental scientific advances in reasoning under uncertainty, mathematical programming/modeling, machine learning, inference, theorem proving, verification, control, diagnosis and data mining.

Role in the Project: UCC will lead WP2 on cost-aware workload balancing and consolidation. UCC will also contribute to the requirements, use case, and architecture specification (WP1), the intelligent holistic energy management and control platform (WP2), monitoring, visualization and decision support (WP5). UCC will also contribute to the dissemination and exploitation of project results (WP7).