Based on the requirements definitions and energy management architecture specification in WP1 GENiC will develop a data centre energy management platform that will have open interfaces and a common data format thus facilitating the integration of energy control, workload optimisation and monitoring, fault detection and decision support components developed in WP2, WP3, and WP4, respectively into a single platform in WP5. In WP5, the project will also validate the platform to demonstrate substantial energy savings and power usage efficiency (PUE) improvements that can be achieved by integrating cooling and workload management. In WP6, the project will demonstrate the energy savings ability and how this can be enhanced through heat recovery and renewable energy provision to achieve significant carbon usage efficiency (CUE) improvements and demonstrate that it is possible to power data centres with at least 80% renewable energy in a cost-effective manner. The validation and demonstration will be based on a clear evaluation methodology and base line which will be established at the start of the project. The GENiC concept and proposed approach towards an integrated energy and load management platform for future data centre energy management based on globally optimised hierarchical supervisory control is illustrated below.

Genic Concept & Approach