The GENiC consortium is a strong partnership of leading European industry in the area of IT systems and services, building energy and thermal control systems, construction, and operation of data centres, as as well as universities in the area of embedded network and system design, building modelling and simulation and constraint optimisation, from across Europe. The partnership brings together a unique blend of expertise in embedded wireless building monitoring (IBM, CIT), building and thermal modelling and simulation (IBM, TU/e), building systems and control (UTRC-I), IT load modelling and optimisation (ATOS, IBM, UCC), building energy management (UTRC-I, Acciona), IT system integration (ATOS, IBM), management services (UTRC-I, CIT, ATOS), and renewable energy systems (Acciona, UTRC-I) ensuring that GENiC will be successful in meeting its scientific and technical objectives. Strong exploitation of project outputs is guaranteed as the industry partners are ideally placed along the GENiC value chain ranging from monitoring and control technology providers (IBM, UTRC-I) IT system integrator and service providers (ATOS, IBM), construction companies (Acciona), and data centre operators (IBM, ATOS).

The range of research skills and market positions across the consortium is shown below. The skills set of the consortium is perfectly positioned to achieve the project’s overall objective of developing a novel scalable, integrated, and standardised management and control platform for data centre wide optimisation of energy consumption by integrating monitoring and control of the primary data centre energy producing / consuming components: computation, communication, and data storage, cooling, local power generation, energy storage, and waste heat recovery. The Consortium will leverage the Acciona renewable micro-gird installation and the two data centre sites on the CIT campus to demonstrate both joint IT and thermal load balancing within and across data centres as well as demonstrate powering of data centres by 80% renewable power.

Genic Consortium